SAVIR Leadership

The SAVIR Board of Directors is an elected Board composed of 13 members: four members from the Executive Committee, six members elected by and drawn from the general membership, and the remaining three members appointed by the Executive Committee-to consist of one Chair or Co-Chair of the Council of Centers, one student representative and one member-at-large. Elections are held annually.

The Finance Committee is a committee of the SAVIR Board with the responsiblity for financial oversite.

Committee Charges

  • Oversee SAVIR’s financial planning and budgeting 
  • Monitor that adequate funds are available for SAVIR
  • Safeguard SAVIR’s assets
  • Draft SAVIR’s fiscal policies,
  • Anticipate financial needs, forecast problems
  • Ensure the board receives accurate and complete financial information for review
  • Help the rest of the board understand financial statements and the general financial situation of SAVIR
  • Ensure federal, state, and local reports are filed in a timely manner


 SAVIR Organization Chart

Executive Committee Officers

None at this time.

Board of Directors

Sara Brandspigel, MPH

Sara Brandspigel, MPH


Research Instructor, Colorado School of Public Health Assistant Director, Program for Injury Prevention, Education and Research

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Patrick Carter, MD

Patrick Carter, MD


Director, University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center (UMIPC) Leadership Team, Firearm Safety Among Children & Teens (FACTS) Consortium Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Michigan School of Medicine Department of Health Behavior & Health Education, University of Michigan School of Public Health

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Mariana Garrettson, MPH

Mariana Garrettson, MPH


Consultant, Safe States Alliance Consultant, Health Alliance for Violence Intervention

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Katelyn Jetelina, MPH, PhD

Katelyn Jetelina, MPH, PhD

Transitional Representative

Assistant Professor, University of Texas School of Public Health - Dallas

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Karla A. Lawson, PhD, MPH, RD

Karla A. Lawson, PhD, MPH, RD

Co-Chair, Council of Centers

Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery and Perioperative Care; Courtesy Assistant Professor, Department of Population Health

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Jeanie Santaularia, MPH

Jeanie Santaularia, MPH

Student Representative

Predoctoral Population Health Trainee with the Minnesota Population Center

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Past Presidents

Linda Degutis (2019-20)
Carol Runyan (2018-19)
Shannon Frattaroli (2017-18)
Cari Casteel (2016-17)
Doug Wiebe (2015-16)
Deb Houry (2014)
Frederick Rivara, MD, MPH (2013-14)
Richard Sattin, MD (2012-13)
Andrea Gielen, ScD, ScM (2011-12)
Michael J. Mello, MD, MPH, FACEP (2010-11)
Corinne Peek-Asa, PhD (2009-10)
Charles Branas, PhD (2008-09)
Hank Weiss, PhD (2007-08)
Steve Hargarten, MD (2005-07)
David Grossman, MD (2004-05)
Don Marion, MD (2003-04)

Past Treasurers

Ginger Yang (2016-2019)
Catherine McDonald, PhD, RN (2013-16)
Deb Houry (2012)
Michael Yonas DrPH (2010-2011)
Charlie Branas, PhD (2009)
Jim Helmkamp, PhD (2005 - 2008)