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Mariana Garrettson, MPH


Mariana Garrettson, MPH, has worked in injury and violence prevention research and practice for 18 years.  Her first work in this field was in a small agency serving rural survivors of IPV and sexual violence.  She dedicated herself to a career in injury and violence prevention after getting an MPH from UNC Chapel Hill.  For more than 10 years she was affiliated with their Injury Prevention Research Center, initially as a Graduate Research Assistant, then as a Program Director for Evaluation, and finally as an Assistant Director.  During her time with the IPRC she worked on a diversity of IVP topics: family violence, teen driver safety, senior fall prevention, child maltreatment, college campus dating violence and others.  She helped catalyze the Center’s body of research on prescription drug abuse and opioid overdose in the early 2010s.  She has always worked with practitioners to improve communication and collaboration in ways that make both research and practice stronger.  Currently, she is a consultant working with the Safe States Alliance and The Health Alliance for Violence Intervention.

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