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Hannah Rochford, MPH

Transitional Representative

Hannah has been a SAVIR student member since 2020, and a co-chair of the student and early career professionals (SECP) committee since April 2021. Within her first year as co-chair, she helped to establish a works-in-progress workshop in partnership with the Science Committee to connect students with additional technical support for budding research projects and presentations. Thanks to supportive partners in the conference planning committee and the SAVIR board, she and her co-chair expanded SECP-led conference initiatives to include a student spotlight session (oral presentation session devoted to the highest scoring student abstracts), and a student plenary speaker in addition to the existing meet the journal editors and speed mentoring sessions. In partnership with the communications committee, she organized and moderated a virtual student social event was convened to encourage inter-institution networking, particularly for students not able to attend the 2022 conference.

Within her second year as co-chair, new partnerships were established with the Training and Infrastructure Committee and with SafeStates. This partnership yielded 3 virtual learning sessions in Fall 2022: a webinar discussing how researchers and practitioners can partner effectively, a webinar highlighting anti-racist research methods, and a panel to help acquaint students at early and late training stages with potential professional pathways in injury and violence prevention. In Spring 2023 this partnership yielded 2 virtual learning sessions: a webinar on effectively leveraging social media to disseminate research and a professional panel to help students in late training stages understand opportunities to engage in research and practice in non-academic settings. Planning is on-going for Fall 2023 series on navigating the publication process and grant writing. In partnership with the Science committee, SECP enabled students to be conference abstract reviewers and co-organized a related training session. SECP also partnered with UPenn's Trainee Learning Lab and Tulane's Violence Prevention Journal Club to connect students with monthly opportunities to engage with field leaders and peers with shared interests. Conference initiatives of the previous year were retained and expanded further to include a student social. All SECP committee efforts were approached as a means for connecting committee members to leadership opportunities that aligned with their interests and strengths: an SECP leader(s) has been designated for the grant writing series, the publication series, on-going dissemination efforts with the communications committee, the student social, the journal editors session, the speed mentoring session, the student social, and the student plenary speaker selection.



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