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Joint SAVIR/Safe States Webinar Thursday, May 4th at 2pm Eastern


Savir Ssa Webinarmay4Like peanut butter and jelly, IVP research and practice go together nicely. We have asked Injury and Violence Professionals – both practitioners and researchers to share their work and experience along with highlighting how their work can (or has) bridged the gap between research and practice. Our goal in this webinar is to demonstrate how to foster and sustain research-practice partnerships over time and help establish collaborations between Safe States and SAVIR members.

The Safe States Alliance is a non-profit organization and professional association whose mission is to strengthen the practice of injury and violence prevention.

The Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research is a professional organization that provides leadership and fosters excellence in the science of preventing and treating injury and violence.


Peg Ogea-Ginsburg - Injury Prevention Program Manager at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Bernadette Hohl, PhD, MPH  - Assistant Professor in the Department of Epidemiology at Rutgers University School of Public Health

Kevin Rix - Postdoctoral research fellow at the Penn Injury Science Center at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA

Ashley Lamar - Trauma Injury Prevention Specialist at works at JPS Health Network in Fort Worth, TX


Dr. Gary A. Smith - Professor of Pediatrics, Emergency Medicine and Epidemiology at The Ohio State University

Please join us to learn more about these organizations, their members and the IVP work being done in practice and research.

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