February 1 - 16, 2024

The Safe States Alliance

National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) Intern

Opportunity Type: Internship

Job Description: Under the supervision of the Safe States Alliance Program Manager, the NVDRS Intern will be responsible for creating a tool that outlines key state structures pertinent to the National Violent Death Reporting System for states and partners. Specific duties may include:

• Reviewing websites to determine key state structures related to NVDRS, including centralized versus decentralized

coroner/medical examiner structure and number of law enforcement agencies.

• Researching pertinent laws related to NVDRS, such as laws allowing for data collection and distribution from

coroners/medical examiners and law enforcement to NVDRS programs.

• Developing a standard one-page template to outline research variables for each state.

• Adding research to the one page template for each state.

Salary: Paid

Late date to apply: Feb 16, 2024

Contact: Amy Bailey

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