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Jessica Roche, MPH

Co-Chair, Council of Centers

Ms. Roche is the Managing Director of the University of Michigan Injury Prevention Center. The Center is one of nine CDC-funded Injury Control Research Center that address urgent injury issues through research, education, and outreach. While the Center covers many injury prevention topics, it has particular focus on: opioid and overdose, suicide, youth violence, motor vehicle crash, concussion, adverse childhood experiences, and older adult falls. She has a Master’s in Public Health in Health Behavior and Health Education from the University of Michigan which was focused on evidence-based injury prevention. Ms. Roche has worked in the area of Injury Prevention for over 10 years, and has extensive experience in research administration, outreach to stakeholders including providers and legislators, and teaching and education development. In her role as Managing Director, Ms. Roche has the primary responsibility of managing Center activities, communications, and programs. Ms. Roche’s leadership is evidenced by her numerous presentations at national and regional conferences. As part of the Center, Ms. Roche has been a member of SAVIR since 2010. Additionally, Ms. Roche has led many of the Center’s conference and educational events which reach both local and national audiences. For example, the Injury Prevention Center hosted the SAVIR 2017 Conference. Her research focus is on developing, evaluating, and translating evidence-based programs into practice, specifically regarding youth violence interventions.

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