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Carol Runyan, MPH, PhD

Past President

Carol has been Professor at the Colorado School of Public Health (Epidemiology and Community and Behavioral Health) since 2011.  She also is Director of the Program for Injury Prevention, Education and Research (PIPER).  Previously, she was Professor at the University of North Carolina where she co-founded and, for 22 years, was Director of the UNC IPRC. She co-led the National Training Initiative for Injury and Violence Prevention and its PREVENT Program.  She has served on numerous national advisory committees including committees including the Armed Forces Epidemiologic Board (DOD) and the Advisory Committee on Injury Prevention and Control (HHS), Board of Directors of SAVIR and the Editorial Boards of Injury PreventionInjury Epidemiology, and American J. of Preventive Medicine.  She has conducted research on occupational injury, safety in the home environment, and various types of violence, most recently several studies addressing lethal means safety counseling in emergency departments.

She works closely with Colorado’s health department on evaluation of projects related to suicide prevention, child abuse prevention, prescription drug overdose, and in providing training and TA to state injury programs. She also is part of a team working with tribal injury programs. 

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