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Stephen W. Marshall, PhD

Member at Large

Dr. Steve Marshall is the director of UNC's Injury Prevention Research Center and an epidemiologist whose main area of research is injury prevention. The topic of injury and violence prevention is greatly understudied relative to the toll that it exacts on society.

Recently, Dr. Marshall increasingly has focused his research on opioid overdose. America's opioid crisis is attacking many of the fundamental social structures of our nation. The roots of this crisis reflect our nation's approach to pain, medication and social justice.

Dr. Marshall also has a long-standing interest in sports medicine. He holds an adjunct appointment in the UNC Department of Exercise and Sport Science and works closely with colleagues in that department. He also has a strong interest in biostatistics and epidemiologic methods.

Injury and violence are highly preventable sources of death. By partnering with the public health practice community, we can do much to address human suffering from injury and violence.

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