Policy Resolutions

Periodically, SAVIR reviews, passes and promotes policy resolutions of importance to the field.

Process Overview

  • The draft policy is sent to the SAVIR board for change or approval.
  • Organizations and individuals interested in submitting a resolution for consideration contact the SAVIR administrator.
  • After committee review, the proposed resolution is sent to all SAVIR members for comment.
  • The committee reviews and addresses member comments.
  • The proposed resolution is sent to the SAVIR Board for change or approval.
  • Approved resolutions remain active for five years.

Process Details

The procedure for adoption of policy resolutions by the Society for Advancement of Violence and Injury Research (SAVIR) has been created to promote thoughtful consideration and adequate participation by both the SAVIR leadership and its membership-at-large. Policy resolutions that are adopted by SAVIR will constitute operational codes of conduct for the organization, guiding decisions for its executive leadership and Board of Directors.

Requests for the adoption of a resolution are made to the SAVIR Board of Directors. The Board initially screens the proposed resolution for general applicability to injury and violence research and then assigns it to the SAVIR Policy Committee. The Policy Committee holds mandatory discussion of the proposed resolution and may request that outside experts comment on specific aspects of its content. The SAVIR Policy Committee may approve, reject, or tentatively approve the proposed resolution, at which point it may be sent back to its original author for revision and resubmission.

If approved by the SAVIR Policy Committee, the resolution is put forth for comment to the SAVIR membership-at-large for a 10 business day period. At the end of this comment period the resolution may be sent back to the SAVIR Policy Committee for reconsideration. If the proposed resolution passes the 10 day comment period and is not returned to the Policy Committee for reconsideration, it is then electronically distributed to the entire Board of Directors for a vote. If a simple majority of the Board (more than 50% of those voting) votes in favor of the resolution within 10 business days, the newly approved policy resolution is dated and posted on the SAVIR website, remaining active for a period no longer than five years. At the end of five years, the policy is again reconsidered by the SAVIR Policy Committee who determines it continued relevance and may choose to recommend to the Board that it be archived, no longer comprising officially actionable policy for the SAVIR.

Organizations and individuals interested in submitting a resolution for consideration should contact the SAVIR administrator at admin@savirweb.org.

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