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The field of injury and violence prevention continues to grow; responding to the prevention needs and the acute and long-term burden of a staggering array of events. As it grows, so do the needs for solid research and quality researchers who utilize a range of rigorous scientific methods and disciplines to identify risk factors and trends, inform public policy, and guide and evaluate effective interventions. That is what SAVIR is all about.

SAVIR’s uniqueness stems from the challenge of promoting cohesion, shared knowledge, collaboration and an integrative approach between groups and individuals working in different specialties across the spectrum of injury prevention and control research. Our success depends on members volunteering and actively participating in SAVIR’s committee structure. The committees are where much of the work of the organization gets done and are how leadership will be informed of progress.

Visit the Committee pages using the drop down bar above (see "more in this section" above) or the navigation pages to the left.  We encourage you to contact any committee chair to inquire about joining a committee.

Committee terms typically run from April to March.

Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research


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