Advocacy & Policy Committee

The objectives of the SAVIR Advocacy and Policy committee are to actively promote the discipline of injury control research and to proactively collect and disseminate injury control research findings.

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Committee Charges

  • To actively promote injury research;
  • To pro-actively collect and disseminate injury research findings;
  • To partner with organizations to produce materials that educate the public and policymakers;
  • To develop new liaisons with other public and private organizations; and
  • To translate injury research into meaningful education for policymakers and other stakeholders. Co-Chairs

Committee Focus Areas

  • Increase funding for injury and violence research
  • Grow the field and workforce in injury and violence research through funding for education career development
  • Include injury and violence in all policy
  • Address disparities in preventing and mitigating injury and violence
These priority areas provide a framework that is inclusive of major topic areas in injury and violence research and allow SAVIR to
support specific initiatives of interest to its members, and to join with other organizations in advocating for injury and violence research.


Sara JacobyPhD, MPH, MSN

University of Pennsylvania

Christen J. Rexing
Temple University

Advocacy Training

Advocacy is one of the cornerstones of SAVIR's mission. To assist members in knowing how to become an effective advocate the following resources may be helpful.

Recorded Webinars on Injury and Violence Prevention Advocacy:

  • December 2013 - Advocacy Boundaries for Non-profits and Federal Grantees
    Eric Gorovitz, JD, MPH, Principal, Adler & Colvin. Sponsored by SAVIR, the Network for Public Health Law, and Adler & Colvin. Recorded December 5, 2013. There is a companion list of frequently asked questions (FAQs in MS Word).

    In December, SAVIR, the Network for Public Health Law, and Adler & Colvin co-sponsored a webinar with great information for injury and violence researchers interested in advocacy.  Researchers often have access to the best available evidence to guide public health policy. It is important for this evidence to be brought to the attention of policy-makers through advocacy, but must be done so within the guidelines established by regulations governing such activities. The rules and regulations can be complicated and unclear, which can lead to researchers refraining from engaging in permitted activities or facing heavy penalties for unknowingly engaging in non-permitted activities. In this webinar, advocacy attorney Eric K. Gorovitz, JD, MPH, defined lobbying under federal tax law; explained how much lobbying a nonprofit organization can do; and discussed the restrictions on lobbying with federal funds and how non-profits can maximize the impact of their lobbying efforts without violating federal rules.

Other Important Resources

Society for the Advancement of Violence and Injury Research


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